My Story

My introduction to Scentsy came from a co-worker doing a basket party. I was so impressed with how many scents and warmer styles were available! I found out my neighbor was selling Scentsy products so she was my go-to gal whenever I need bar refills or gifts for others. It wasn't until I noticed how much stock I had in Scentsy that I thought about selling it. I knew the products were top notch from a company that is all about family first (love that) so I pondered the idea for several months as I already had a full time job and another home business. When I talked to my neighbor about it she explained how fast this company was growing and it going only up from here. I finally took the leap and signed up under her and couldn't believe how well it started right from the beginning! My first 70 days in the business I had $2200 in sales and this was not from a single home party. This was from basket parties at offices, friends, family, Facebook and just getting the word out and passing out flyers. Imagine how much my sales are going to increase when home parties start in the mix! Like she said, it can only go up from here and she was so right!!<!--endbody-->